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I am so much confused about a silly if condition which returns an unexpected result, I am just not able to figure out what is the problem in my code. Here is my simple code

$('.for_next_link').click(function() {

    var next = $('.for_next_value_pagination').val();
    var limit = "<?php echo $max; ?>";

    alert(next); // value is 5
    alert(limit); // value is 10

    if (next >= limit) // this condition is always true
        alert('im in if cond.');
        return false;
    else {
        // do something else;

I am comparing 2 variables "next" and "limit" which have value 5 and 10 respectively but to surprise the the if condition is always true. Can you please tell me why this is happening and what is the solution. Thank you.

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Instead of limit you tried with another variable – Gautam3164 Sep 12 '12 at 8:49

You are doing string comparison, console from firebug,

>>> "5">"10"

>>> 5>10

>>> "5">10

>>> 5>"10"
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That happens because you are comparing strings:

"5" >= "10" is true

Force the cast on one of them

if(next*1 >= limit*1) is false
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You are comparing two string values, rather than two numbers. Try this instead:

if(Number(next) >= Number(limit)){

Because the character "5" has a higher ASCII value than "1" (the first character of "10") then "5" is regarded as being greater than "10"

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You are actually comparing "5" (a string) and "10" (also a string); "5" > "10" is true since, alphabetically, 5 comes after 1.

Instead, compare them numerically:

if(parseInt(next, 10) >= parseInt(limit, 10))

(You may want to parse them at the same time you initialize the variable, like below)

var next = parseInt($('.for_next_value_pagination').val(), 10);
var limit = parseInt("<?php echo $max; ?>", 10);
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