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Can someone help me out with something.

I'm trying to get the current part of the day, am or pm. Is there an easy way of accomplishing this?


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Thank you for your help Jacob and Ira. – nicoko Aug 6 '09 at 13:42
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Sure, use NSDateFormatter:

NSDate *now = [NSDate date];
NSDateFormatter *formatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];

[formatter setDateFormat: @"a"];

NSLog ([formatter stringFromDate: now]);

[formatter release];


2009-08-06 14:20:35.538 yourApp [4971:20b] PM

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Maybe there is an easier way .. but this works.

    NSDate *now=[NSDate date];
    NSCalendar *cal = [NSCalendar currentCalendar];
    NSDateComponents *components = [cal components:NSHourCalendarUnit fromDate:now];
    int hour = [components hour];
    if ( hour > 12 ){
    	NSLog(@"PM %d",hour);
    } else {
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Oops. A bit slow. Jacob's method is probably cleaner. – Ira Cooke Aug 6 '09 at 12:37

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