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I am attempting to migrate from XDV to Diazo.

Currently I have a theme product that contains:

  • a custom navigation.py and layout.py
  • folders for:
    • overrides (for core overrides)
    • profiles (eg cssregistry.xml)
    • static (the theme resources, rules.xml, js, css and other cruft we may want to be able to call generically from the static directory with /++resource++theme/ syntax)
  • unit tests in tests.py.

    My question is: does all of this come across to the Diazo theme or will i still need the current theme product installed for some parts of it?

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I think so, yes.

overrides/ and profiles/ are the same.

The registration in configure.zcml for the rules URL should change to a one, and this will change the URL (++theme++ instead of ++resource++) but it's very similar.

There are some syntax changes, but they are minor and detailed here: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/plone.app.theming


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