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I'm a new member in this fantastic website and this is my first question here .. I wish I can find the solution..

I'm building a website and I need to secure the communications between clients and the server.

I should Use WCF in the implementation.

My project's requirements :

  • use WCF
  • binding: ws2007HttpBinding
  • security: HTTPS
  • client: Sign

I should use HTTPS for securing the communications and I should make the client sign the message (it's important).

I install certificates in both server and Client But I don't knoe how to make the clients sign the message.

I can't use message security in the wcf because I need HTTPS. Anyone can help me to know what is the TransportWithMessageCredential do for signing and how to implement such a thing??

Here is part of the app.config of the server:

        <binding name="ServiceWS2007HttpBindingConfg">
            <security mode="TransportWithMessageCredential">
                <transport clientCredentialType="None" />
                <message clientCredentialType="Certificate" negotiateServiceCredential="false" />
    <service name="Service">
        <endpoint address="https://MAHER-PC/EBPP/Service.svc" binding="ws2007HttpBinding"
         bindingConfiguration="ServiceWS2007HttpBindingConfg" contract="IService" />


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Depends on what you're planning to sign.

A good place to start would be to have a look at setting the ProtectionLevel for your service in the service contract.


How to:

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