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I use embedded broker ActiveMq and connect to it from a JavaScript application. The protocol used is STOMP over WebSocket. XML Config for Spring:

<amq:broker id="broker" useJmx="false" persistent="false" brokerId="1" brokerName="locHost">
        <amq:transportConnector name="websocket" uri="ws://"/>

<!-- JMS ConnectionFactory to use, configuring the embedded broker using XML -->
<amq:connectionFactory id="jmsFactory" brokerURL="vm://localhost"/>

<bean id="jmsConnectionFactory"

    . . . . .
    <jms:listener destination="toggle"     ref="consumer" method="toggle"      response-destination="toggle"/>

    . . . . .


Also have a few listeners of this form(one of them):

public class Consumer {
   . . . . .
   public String toggle(String message)  {

        return "Responce" + message; 

   . . . . .

Some listeners are working, but there are those under which there is exception type:

09:33:25,196 WARN  [Transport:203] Transport Connection to: StompSocket_1661562307 failed: java.io.IOException: closedOut 1006:null

and the message is not getting to the recipient. What can we do?

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4th May 2015. I still have the problem –  madhairsilence May 4 at 9:06

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Which version of AMQ you are running?

Have you tried, using URL in stomp format:

   <transportConnector name="stomp" uri="stomp://localhost:61613"/>

The URL starts with stomp://

see more details at Apache Documentation

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