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I have a website that lets retailers sell goods on-line and the website takes a percentage. This uses a paypal chained payment. - the user of the website is the sender. - the website is the primary receiver. - the retailer is the secondary receiver.

The problem is if the retailer has not set up a paypal account then the payment fails. In the paypal documentation is says a receiver is not required to have an account but this doesn't seem to be the case.

Is it possible to set up a chained payment to a secondary receiver without a paypal account?

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As the creator of API Chaining, I can tell you that I talked to the head of API development, Deepak Nadig about this. He had one-on-ones with me several times and the aren't doing API chaining; the best they can do is 'method chaining'. And I believe you have to have a Paypal acct regardless. – Orubel Apr 23 '15 at 22:26

All recipients must have a valid Paypal account.

For this specific purpose, I've created an open-source library for Rails/ActiveMerchant that will help you with checking the Verified Status of a paypal account:

There are other libraries out there for different languages and frameworks that can help you achieve this.

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