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I am migrating from symfony1 to symfony2, I have hard time implementing propel behaviors. Where do I actually have the propel.ini in symfony2?

Well in sf1.4, it was inside root config directory. How about symfony2?

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The Propel ORM Symfony2 page says this:

You can add a app/config/propel.ini file in your project to specify some configuration parameters. ... However, the recommended way to configure Propel is to rely on build properties.

You can define build properties by creating a propel.ini file in app/config like below, but you can also follow the Symfony2 convention by adding build properties in app/config/config.yml

So I believe you can come close to the Symfony1 behaviour by creating app/config/propel.ini, but the more idiomatic way is to use app/config/config.yml as that page illustrates.

Caveat: I haven't used Propel with Symfony2, so this answer is solely based on the manual.

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Thank you. That helped but I used propel.ini and used import in config.yml. – Nitesh Sep 14 '12 at 9:11

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