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I am working on a grails project and i need a plugin to extract an email attachment from a Gmail account.

My colleague said something about Java Mail API but i am not actually sure about how to integrate the api with grails.

Is there any other plugin or workaround to extract an email attachment from a gmail account?


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While not specific to extracting attachments from GMail, the Grails Routing plugin would definitely be worth evaluating. It integrates Apache Camel into your Grails services and controllers and provides a very easy way to create routes. You can then add the following dependency to your grails-app/BuildConfig.groovy file:

// replace x.x.x with version used by the Grails Routing plugin

In the documentation for the Mail component you will an example of grabbing attachments from GMail and there is also this blog entry by Mr Haki that shows an example using the older Grails Camel plugin (Routing plugin supercedes it).

While I haven't used Camel for this purpose, I have used it on a few projects and would recommend it as a possible solution. It is a very powerful integration tool and can really make it very easy to do some pretty complicated things.

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