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I need to calculate the Aggregate of a certain property from an object list by grouping the objects based on another property.. For example, I have a list of 5 objects as below:

list<cls> Objlist = new list<cls>();

 Obj1.Value = 10;

 Obj2.value = 15;

 Obj3.Name = "earth";
 Obj3.Value = 25;

 Obj4.Name = "earth";
 Obj4.Value = 35;

 Obj5.value = 50;

What I need is another list to have the avg value of earth and sun objects.. How this can be accomplished using LINQ?

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In case you're wondering what's that 0% doing next to your screen name, here is a good link. – dasblinkenlight Sep 12 '12 at 10:24
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Average is what you need from LINQ, use GroupBy to group by Name first:

var result = Objlist.GroupBy(x => x.Name)
            .Select(g => new {
                                 Name = g.Key, 
                                 Value = g.Average(o => o.Value)
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