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We have started our first scrum project and I realized that we forgot a task for me (as part of a story), a developer.

In respect with the Scrum methodology, can I add this task myself to the sprint or do I have to ask the Scrum master to do it? Thanks.

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This is more of a question for programmers.stackexchange.com. –  deceze Sep 12 '12 at 10:30
If it's not super urgent and it requires more work, I would have a chat with the team during the next stand up. Remember that if you add a story in the sprint backlog, everyone in the team is committing to complete it byt the end of the sprint. If it's just a task that the team forgot, but estimated it as part of the sprint, just add it to the backlog. –  Augusto Sep 12 '12 at 10:37

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Absolutely, adding tasks to the Sprint Backlog is a responsibility of the development team. During the sprint planning meeting that should have happened before starting the sprint, the development team can just "draft" the tasks needed to accomplish the sprint goal. So it's expected that tasks will be added and removed to the sprint as needed by developers. Keep in mind that the scrum master and the product owner has no authority over the sprint backlog (what is technically needed to reach the sprint goal) so go on and add or remove or re-estimate tasks as needed. I don't know your exact context anyway if a task as to be added and can interfere with the sprint goal for example not allowing to finish the sprint backlog, the source of authority is the product owner, talk with him, explain the situation and let him decide what to do based on the value he needs out of the sprint.

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Thank you everybody for your answers. –  Guilhem Soulas Sep 13 '12 at 13:47

I would say, yes, you can. A task added is not more value that the team needs to deliver, but rather an indication that your planning process may have been flawed. The important thing is that you keep track of tasks that were added post-planning, so that you can understand why this happened, whether there's some recurring pattern, and whether something should (and can) be done about it.

Scrum is a methodology framework, not a fast and hard set of rules. There are things that you should do, a few that you shouldn't, and anything else that isn't mentioned can be done, if it makes sense.

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