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Is it possible to ask a Firefox (version 15) user for more space (> 5MB) for the AppCache?

We're planning to develop a WebApp for a customer with users who are only using Firefox 15 (or IE8) and the whole product database (800 products with some attributes and images) and a order list generator should be able to work offline.

Any help or other solutions based on Firefox 15 or IE8 would be appreciated.

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browser.cache.offline.capacity seems to be the pref you want. By default it's 500M, which really ought to be plenty!

Go to about:config and type 'offline' in the search box to get to the pref.

Lots more information in mozillazine, but it's down at the moment; use google's cache:

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I think the appcache would be stored in the DOM storage, - (by default 5120 KB) – Florian Nagel Sep 14 '12 at 11:40

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