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I am trying to transform a non-uniformed portion of image in a canvas element to a proper rectangle (ie. Like taking a non-rectangle portion of an image in photoshop and using Distort to make it rectangle), but am having difficulty understanding Canvas Matrix Transforms.

I am not after code, just a point in the right direction, in terms of understanding how I could achieve this.


Update 1: Incase I didn't explain well enough http://i.imgur.com/QTB6q.png

Update 2: The those boxes are an area inside a photo which was added to the canvas, essentially I am cropping and straightening a portion of the image.

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Don't use the Matrix for this, just move the corners to any coordinates you want. –  Jonas Sep 12 '12 at 11:00

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In html5 canvas you can apply only affine transformations using transform or setTransform() methods, so you need to know what is the matrix applied already and using the inverse matrix to make it look like a square area, for other transformations (non-affine), it is needed some math knowledge (that I don't have), create or search for an implementation for Canvas API (which works only with affine transformations).

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