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Is there a commit method for the fixture adapter? What does it do? As my understanding goes store.commit() puts an API call when used with REST adapter.

Can I use isLoaded property with fixture adapter?

Basically I have 2 records in my controller called x and y and a property content that has many records of y type. Coffee code below:

someMethod: (->

anotherMethod: ->
  //modify x

When I call anotherMethod it updates x and runs a commit on store, hence someMethod gets called. My actual application runs fine but in case of tests someMethod removes the record y from content as well as store. Is it that isLoaded and commit are not for fixture data store?

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Yes, there is a commit method and it is accessible through DS.Store or DS.Transaction.

Here's a fiddle that has some good code that quickly demonstrates CRUD with fixtures.

window.App = Ember.Application.create();

App.store = DS.Store.create({
    revision: 4,
    adapter: 'DS.fixtureAdapter'

App.Person = DS.Model.extend({
    id: DS.attr('number'),
    name: DS.attr('string')

App.Person.FIXTURES = [
    {id: 1, name: 'Fixture object 1'},
    {id: 2, name: 'Fixture object 2'}

App.people = App.store.findAll(App.Person);
App.store.createRecord(App.Person, {id: 1, name: 'Created person'});

App.personView = Em.View.extend({
    isVisibleBinding: 'notDeleted',
    notDeleted: function() {
        return !this.getPath('person.isDeleted');

    remove: function () {
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