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Couple of months ago i was working on my personal project. Today i wanted to resume my work. I'm working application that keeps track of your poker game statistics.

I'm using QStatusBar for presenting the statistics (game profit, games played, etc.). I added couple of QLabels to the status bar (for instance label profit "Profit:", and than another label for the actual profit number, which can be green if profit>0 or red if profit<0)

dlgMain = PyQt4.uic.loadUi("widgets/main.ui")
statusBar = QtGui.QMainWindow.statusBar(dlgMain)
profit = QtGui.QLabel()

if statistics.profit >= 0:
    profit.setStyleSheet("QFrame { color: Green }")
    profit.setStyleSheet("QFrame { color: Red }")
profit.setText("%4.2f$" % statistics.profit)


Just to get an idea how i was doing it (i don't have alot of Python & PyQt experience, only what we did in school).

Status bar was the only widget that was made by code, all the other widgets and positioning was made in QtDesigner via drag and drop. I can see statusbar in my QtDesigner Object Search, but when i click on it, i dont see the position of the widget in my dialog, which means i can't move it around, aswell i cannot delete it and drag another one into the dialog because i don't have it in my WidgetMenu. So for now the position of the status bar is at the bottom, in the center, i don't know if this is the default position or not, but i would like to move it a little bit to the right, so it would look "organised".

Any kind of suggestion would be welcome, aswell maybe some information on what is the "best" or "suggested" way of making GUI with PyQt, im kinda new. Thanks!

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QStatusBar is not quite meant to be moved around arbitrarily, although it's certainly doable. In a project of mine, I moved around a QMenuBar, which also is not an everyday task, but it worked out reasonably well *cough cough*.

But since you're still starting, you probably don't want to fight against the intricacies of Qt widget layouting when there's an easier way: Just use a plain QWidget with a QHBoxLayout. You can set this up in the Designer directly, and place it in your window as you desire.

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