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I have a column (*Purchasetype*), userid in video table purchasetype is some how containg values 0,1, 2,3,4,.. etc. I want two sum these value order by userid.

For ex: sum ( purchasetype ) order by userid but I want like this

if purchasetype= 0  then its value is 0.99
if purchasetype =1 or 20  then its value is 3.99
if purchasetype = 3 or 13or 22  then its value is 9.99

so on. Below is complete list

0 ,17= 0.99

i want to sum all the values of purchasetype with their replaced values (given above) order by userid

do we can put condition inside the sum() function of mysql; If its possible then please give me solution , may be this will solve my problem

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Although this doesn't use SUM from MySQL query, the logic will get the job done

    $query = mysqli_query($link, "SELECT * FROM video");
      while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)){
         //Then set conditionals 
         if($row['purchase_type)==0 || $row['purchase_type)==17){
              $values[] = 0.99;
             //Then your mysqli_query here

    elseif($row['purchase_type)==1 || $row['purchase_type)==20){
           $values[]= 3.99;           

    elseif//Blah blah for all values
//After exhausting all the rows, add the SUM
$sum = array_sum($values); //$sum will be equal to the addition of all the vlues of the //array $values
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I think the best way is to create table ptPrices:

create table ptPrices (Purchasetype int, Price float);
insert into ptPrices values (0,0.99);
insert into ptPrices values (1,3.99);
insert into ptPrices values (19,2.99);

And then use this query:

select sum(isnull(ptPrices.Price,19.99)) from Table 
left join ptPrices 
    on Table.Purchasetype=ptPrices.Purchasetype;
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You would use the aggregate function SUM() and CASE:

  SUM(CASE purchaseType
        WHEN 0 or 17 THEN 0.99
        WHEN 1 or 20 THEN 3.99
        WHEN 3 or 13 or 22 THEN 9.99 
        WHEN 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 THEN 0
        WHEN 14 THEN 19.99
        WHEN 15 or 23 THEN 39.99
        WHEN 16 or 24 THEN 59.99
        WHEN 18 or 21 THEN 1.99
        WHEN 19 THEN 2.99
        ELSE 19.99 END) as Total
from yourTable

see SQL Fiddle with Demo

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thank you very much its working –  user1648175 Sep 12 '12 at 12:00
@user1648175 glad it is working. if an answer helped you then be sure to mark it as accepted via the checkmark on the left. It will help future visitors as well. –  bluefeet Sep 12 '12 at 12:01

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