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I'm using the Javascript SDK and wanted to upload an image and tag friends at the same time. Yesterday I got everything working, uploading an image and specifying tags for 9 friends, but when I tried it again today it was broken, the image would still upload and I also get an id and post_id in the response, but tags wouldn't be added anymore. I stripped out all of the unnecessary code and boiled it down to the very basics (see below), without success. However making a second call to /photoId/tags with to/x/y parameters still works. so my now my questions:

  1. did anything in the API change ?
  2. did my appId or url get disabled for this kind of tagging ? If so, how can I check/restore ?
  3. can anyone confirm this is still working ?

    FB.api("/me/photos","post",{url:"",tags:[{tag_uid:"23fake42425223",x:50,y:50}]},function(response) {console.log(response);});    

I'm pretty sure the code is alright (correct me if I'm wrong), because when I change any of the parameters i'll get an error response (e.g. I changed the "tag_uid" to "to" results in "(#100) Invalid keys "to... found in param "tags"."). I also tried tag_text, which also uploads the image, but no tag seen at all. Thanks a lot!

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Have you filed a bug report? – hugo der hungrige Jul 11 '13 at 23:26
i don't think it's a bug ... it's just facebook doesn't want you to tag pictures for the user anymore (too much spam i guess). – Su-Au Hwang Jul 14 '13 at 19:07

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