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I want to load a model class which is in frontend(catalog/model/account/address) in admin controller. I can do it by copying that model to admin's model folder but I want to do it without copying model class.

Is there is any way to do it? or I have to modify the loader class. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance..

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I've posted a solution here on the same topic stackoverflow.com/a/23020160/2002127 –  Christof Coetzee Apr 11 at 18:39
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The address methods are available in the catalog side via the admin/model/sale/customer.php file in the admin. Simply use that instead

$addresses = $this->model_sale_customer->getAddresses(12345);
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thanks..I am new to opencart that's why I don't have knowledge of all models..really helped.. –  Pankaj Sep 12 '12 at 21:39
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