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I want to transfer products from site A, which is running Magento into site B which is running Mangeto I've configured an export profile on site A with the following field mapping settings:

sku | name | short_description | weight | price | type | description | attribute_set | tax_class_id

After running this profile I've got an export_all_products.csv file which I import into site B by where I setup an Import All Products Dataflow Profile which maps the filed the same way.

After successfully importing all the records I refresh all the indexes, but I still can't see any products in Catalog > Manage Products.

I suspect that this is because store B has two websites and store A has only one. Neither one of the websites has the same name. Do I have to add store name information to each product in the exported CSV?

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I think you need to specify the website column. The products in grid would not show up, if they are not associated with current website –  Slayer Birden Sep 12 '12 at 13:18
how do I specify this colmun? do I manually include it in the CSV? and if so what value should it contain? the website name, website ID? Referencing the websites on site A or on site B? I've tried to include the column in the export from site A but it still didn't work –  Bogdan Sep 12 '12 at 13:55
yes, you should manually include the column in CSV file, it should contain the website_code of the Website you want to associate products with, typically - the base website (code 'base') –  Slayer Birden Sep 12 '12 at 13:58
didn't work out, same problem.. –  Bogdan Sep 12 '12 at 15:04
I'm sorry, I've misled you! I've checked the profile, and the column should be named "websites" - not website! –  Slayer Birden Sep 12 '12 at 15:08

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Apparently it was a matter of having the required columns + a few extras. Magento requires these 10 columns to be present in the CSV file, otherwise the import won't be valid:

  1. type
  2. attribute_set
  3. tax_class_id
  4. status
  5. weight
  6. sku
  7. name
  8. price
  9. description
  10. short_description

From here

If you want the product to be order-able you have to add:

  • website
  • category_ids
  • is_in_stock
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I had missed 'status' column... This helped me... –  Pavan Kumar Jun 6 at 12:19
Without '_product_website' option set in import my Magento ( hasn't display product until I didn't enter to 'Manage Product' edition and clicked 'save' without any changes. –  witkacy26 Aug 10 at 21:36

To see if the problem is not setting the correct store/website you can do this:

1) Login to Magento admin, and goto product listing.

2) click select all

3) click update attributes - Select websites / stores from the left hand side and apply.

this will help narrow down the issue, if not solve it.

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your suggestions apply to site A or site B? On the websites tab, there are 2 options: Add Product To Websites and Remove Product From Websites none of them are checked. What do I have to click apply to? should I check of the two options or what? I don't understand how does updating attributes help me with the import problem... –  Bogdan Sep 13 '12 at 18:47
I run into the same problem with Magento and your solution worked well. Thank you very much. –  medve Jan 9 at 9:41
You are genius mate, was googling from a week and your solution helped me. Thanks. –  lock Jul 1 at 7:00

We ran into a similar problem like this recently and found a problem with special character in this case the Registered Trademark Symbol "®" placed into the .csv

Not sure if this is contributing to the issue but removing the special characters solved the issue. Hope this helps.

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I had the same issue but with a © symbol –  foiseworth Sep 25 '13 at 19:33

On an unrelated note, ensure that when you are running a dataflow profile, you have selected "Import product stocks" and not "Import all products" in the dataflow profiles.

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