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I try to evaluate a field in my report but it fails every time :

= IIf(Fields!lectcrs_hrs.IsMissing,
      Round(Fields!lectcrs_fee.Value * "1.00", 2),
      Round(Fields!lectcrs_fee.Value * Fields!lectcrs_hrs.Value, 2))

in the case of Fields!lectcrs_hrs.IsMissing = true my field is empty and i find that the reason that the second case Round(Fields!lectcrs_fee.Value * Fields!lectcrs_hrs.Value, 2) contains a missing field Fields!lectcrs_hrs .why it checks the second case if it passes the first one !

How to fix this problem ?

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The behavior you are looking for is called "short-circuiting" and, unfortunately, the IIf function in Visual Basic does not offer that. The reason being is that IIf() is a ternary function and, as such, all arguments passed into it are evaluated before the function call occurs. A ternary operator (If() in VB 9+), on the other hand, does support conditional evaluation. However, I do not believe that the If() operator can be used as a part of an expression in SSRS.

Given the fact that you are trying to use a field which may or may not exist at run time, I suggest that you create a custom function in your report to handle the proper checking and return values. For reference, take a look at this blog post, which covers the same scenario.

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