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I want to draw some lines and circles on the screen using of matplotlib. I do not need the X axis and Y axis. Is this possible? How can I do it?

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You can hide the axes with axes.get_xaxis().set_visible(False) or by using axis('off').


from pylab import *

gca().get_xaxis().set_visible(False) # Removes x-axis from current figure
gca().get_yaxis().set_visible(False) # Removes y-axis from current figure

a = arange(10) 
b = sin(a)
plot(a, b)
show() # Plot has no x and y axes
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If you don't want axes, and are happy to work in the range 0-1:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.patches as mpatches

fig = plt.figure()
fig.patches.append(mpatches.Circle([0.5, 0.5], 0.25, transform=fig.transFigure))

There are a couple of benefits to using @Dhara's solution. The primary being you can use a data coordinate system which automatically scales to your data, but if you just want to draw a couple of shapes, my solution works pretty well.

Some useful documentation if you go down the route I have explained:

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