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I have downloaded an android sample called custom view from android refernce from this location

It only has the java files and other resources but does not contain any project file for me to import in eclipse as a project.

So when I import existing project into workspace, eclipse does not pick the project in the import dialog.

How can I import it into eclipse ? I have ADT tools installed already,

Thanks, Ahmed

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Maybe that's because you'll have to make the manifest.xml file.

What I'd suggest, is to create a new Android project, with the same package and Activity's name than in your zip (ie and MainActivity), then copy/paste the files from your zip to the new project directory (thus replacingsrcandres` folders). That way, Eclipse will generate the manifest for you, with correct reference.

This should not take more than 30 seconds...

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Go to Project Explorer and right click -> Import -> Select Android -> Existing Android Code Into Workspace -> browse to folder with your code -> finish

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I have tried this but does not work, the finish button remains disabled , I tried pointing to custom-view folder as well as src folder but to not avail – Ahmed Sep 12 '12 at 12:49
AndroidManifest.xml file is missing in this code... – Priyank Sep 12 '12 at 12:57

I encountered the same problem. I did thought that it's missing the AndroidManifest.xml file. I tried to fixed it and place it here. You can download it an try.

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