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I have a Makefile with multiple subprojects and set its build dependencies.

Now I want to be able to selectively make install some of those subprojects but include the dependencies in the installation. How can I do this?

Suppose a Makefile like this:



proj1: lib1

proj2: lib2

proj3: lib1 lib2

install_%:  $*
    make -C $* install

install:    $(addprefix install_,$(SUBDIRS) )

And I'd like to be able to do, from command line, things like:

make install SUBDIRS=proj1


make install SUBDIRS=proj3

My rules will try to build and install "proj3", but:

  • Will fail if any lib is not built.
  • Even if it finds the needed libs, those will not be installed along the program.

Any help is welcome.

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In the makefile for dependent projects and include the makefiles for dependencies and write rules to express the dependency:


include ../lib1/Makefile
include ../lib2/Makefile

proj3: lib1 lib2
    $(CC) ....

install: proj3 install_lib1 install_lib2
    cp ...


lib1: # ....
    $(CC) ....

install_lib1: # ....
    cp ...
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