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I am having problems including FOSRestBundle in my Symfony 2.1 project.

When I use automatic route generation ( documentation ) and want to use the view layer ( documentation ).

I receive an exception: No route found for "GET /users".

My config.yml:

    default_format: json

My routing.yml:

  type:     rest
  resource: Api\UserBundle\Controller\UsersController

My UsersController class:

namespace Api\UserBundle\Controller;

use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\Controller;
use FOS\RestBundle\Controller\FOSRestController;

class UsersController extends FOSRestController
  public function getUsersAction() { die('get'); }
  public function postUsersAction() { die('post'); }

When I remove extends FOSRestController everything works - but I lose the view layer functionality. Anyone who can steer me in the right direction to solving this problem?

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please try router:debug in the console first – Dénes Papp Nov 14 '13 at 20:50

I don't know if you manage to solve it by now... But I had the very same problem and it seems to come from the fact that FOSRestController implements ClassResourceInterface (FOSRestBundle will determine the resource based on the Controller name).

All I had to do to make it work was omitting the resource name from the methods.

/ jonas

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