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Is it possible localize jquery datapicker using globalize plugin (https://github.com/jquery/globalize)?

I tried in this way

// get a date format 
var dt = Globalize.culture().calendar.patterns.d;
    dateFormat : dt

but it does not work because datepicker and globalize plugin use two format different.

I want the date with 2 digits for the month, 2 digits for the day and 4 digits for the year, so in jquery the date format must be "dd/mm/yy". But globalize use a different date format: en-Us -> M/d/yyyy it-IT -> dd/MM/yyyy

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BTW. globalize3 tag, refers to Ruby On Rails extension, rather than Globalize script. – Paweł Dyda Oct 31 '12 at 18:51

Small converter:

Globalize.getPatternForDatapicker = function (pattern) {
    return this.culture().calendar.patterns[pattern || 'd'].toLowerCase().replace('yyyy', 'yy');


$('#dp1').datepicker({dateFormat : Globalize.getPatternForDatapicker()});
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But this only sets the date pattern, yes? Localization requires also getting all the month names, week names, etc. All that data is in the globalize.culture.xx-XX.js files, but is there a way to use it? – Neil Laslett Sep 18 '13 at 8:56

In the early days of Globalize (called back then jQuery Globalize) there was specifically patched version of Datepicker available.
Frankly, I don't think it is usable anymore, but you may try to apply the same modifications to current version and the problem will be resolved. This could be done quite easy with a diff command available with many Unix-like systems (and on Windows via Cygwin for example).

Edit: API

I think it is at least good to mention, that Datepicker is offering rich API.
You can use to tailor down Datepicker's Localization. However, when it comes to date format, I am afraid that you would be forced to use some replacement to remove "excessive" y's from year field. That's something I would prefer not to do, instead I would patch Datepicker, as suggested previously, but...

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I bumped into many problems of those two format discrepancies. Finally jQuery guys replied me they would switch to Globalize format using. However, when... :(

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