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I am providing google url as call back url in my application. But after posting the text to my page my application opens that Google page in foreground which is of-course its a bug in application.

I just need that after posting the text control returns to my application. I am using the code from this link : Twitter-is-Integrated-in-BlackBerry

If I don't provide the Call back URL, twitter demands for PIN NUMBER before login. please suggest me for this problem.

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Please use TwitterAPIMe as it is.It is Simple to Use No need for PIN based Authentication and Library will Automatically Redirect you after login from Twitter to your application. You have to change in some native code of API that...

  • Go To: com.twitterapime.xauth.ui.OAuthDialogWrapper Class
  • Go to method called trackUrl(String url)
  • Now Replace the Code:

if (url.startsWith(callbackUrl)&& oauthListener != null) { .... ... .. }


if (url.indexOf(callbackUrl)!=-1 && oauthListener != null) { .... ... .. }

That's it. Simply get AccessToken inside onAurthorize method and access Twitter API. Most of the functionalities and methods are covered inside this api.

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