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I have a list of tenthousands of {Address} - {Function Name} pairs I dumped with a tool I wrote. Now I want to rename all functions so for example sub_123456 becomes "FooBar", because the list says so.

Any way to do that?


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In such cases i would load the list in Vim, change the list to have two columns, the first the addresses, the second the desired names. Like this:

123456 FooBar
124584 BarFoo

Then do :%s/^\(\w\+\)\s\+\(\w\+\)/MakeName(0x\1, "\2");, ending up with a list like this:

MakeName(0x123456, "FooBar");
MakeName(0x124584, "BarFoo");

Then copy the entire Vim buffer to the clipboard with 1G and "*yG. Then in IDA type Shift-F2 to open the manual script editor, and paste using Cmd-V or Ctrl-V.

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And if you use Visual Studio instead of Vim do a replace with Regular Expression {:h} {:i} and a replace with MakeName(0x\1, "\2"); –  Simeon Pilgrim Feb 20 '13 at 9:33

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