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I am joining a big table with 3 other tables,

A = join small table by (f1,f2) RIGHT OUTER , massiveTable by (f1,f2) ;

B = join AnotherSmall by (f3) RIGHT OUTER , A by (f3) ;

C = join AnotherSmall by (f4) , B by (f4) ;

The small tables may not fit in memory, but this forces a billion object read three times and time consuming, I was wondering if there is any way rereading can be avoided and process can be made more efficient?

Thanks in advance.

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is f3 and f4 from the "massiveTable" or the original small table? – Donald Miner Sep 12 '12 at 14:40
They are part massive table. Practically we are denormalizing data – user1665794 Sep 20 '12 at 0:04

If you design your big table in HBase to have three column families, i.e. splitting f1 and f2, from f3 and from f4, you should be able to avoid the unnecessary reads.

Also if you think about it, you don't re-read but rather read a different part of a record: firstly f1 and f2, then f3 and finally f4.

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