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How can I do this in ruby on rails with jquery

The Code:


  <%= text_field_tag :subject_1 %>
  <%= text_field_tag :subject_2 %>
  <%= text_field_tag :subject_3 %>


User typed the subject code on the textfield(subject_1) and if the user goes to the next text field(subject_2) beside the first textfield(subject_1) there will be a reload icon then show the corresponding subject details(subject name, subject code, subject schedule) base on the typed suject code. And if the subject is does not exist it will show a message "Subject does not exist.".

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The idea is that when a blur event occurs in the subject1 text_field an AJAX call is made to the server that tries to find a subject record with the id/description/attribute given by the `text_field´ and returns success or error. The code would be something like this:

$('subject_1').blur(function() {
  var field_value = $(this).val();
  $.post("/subjects/validate_subject", field_value, function(data) {
    success: function() {
      // Here you populate the subject_2 text_field with the data from the server.
    error: function() {
      // Here you populate some error content in your view.

Remember to add the validate_subject to your routes.rb.
This is just the beginning of the answer to your problem. I recommend you to read about Rails and Ajax interaction.
Here is a great guide for this subject. http://www.simonecarletti.com/blog/2010/06/unobtrusive-javascript-in-rails-3/

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What will I put on my controller? –  fujisan Sep 12 '12 at 13:42
The validate_subject method that searchs for subjects and return a success or error response depending on the search results. –  MurifoX Sep 12 '12 at 13:44
This is what my validate_subject method on my subject controller contains: @subject = Subject.find_by_sc_id(params[:subject1]) How is data being proccessed here? –  fujisan Sep 12 '12 at 13:55

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