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Is there a way to change the control order in Report Manager? Currently, the controls look like this:

enter image description here

So if I wanted to move the Export button to the far right hand side, is that possible?

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Changing the .css for this element is possible, but reordering the elements would be tricky with that. (Refer to: CSS positioning div above another div when not in that order in the HTML)

MSDN provides instructions for modifying the .css. And the .css even has a tag ".ToolbarExport" so you can easily set the style of this element. But reordering: not so nice. I suspect the source for this control is in a compiled binary, so not easily accessible. (Looks like it is part of the RS:ReportViewerHost control.)

If you need customization to this degree, the best answer is to write your own report manager interface.

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