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I have some anchors in the page and when I load page using anchor:


jQuery Mobile after 1-3 seconds automatically scrolls to top of the page. I cannot add fix to $(document).ready() because this event fires before scrolling (scrolling appear after all content is loaded - with additional social button images, scripts etc.).

When I removing script - bug disappears. When I removing all scripts except jQuery and jQuery mobile - bug still exists. So the problem should be in jQuery Mobile script.

How can I solve problem?

I used Chrome and Opera to test it.

P.S. I set $.mobile.ajaxEnabled = false;, so my site do not use Ajax to load pages.

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jQueryMobile uses by default the '#' character to indicate pages, not anchors (see section "Linking within a multi-page document" in the documentation).

Try adding rel="external" or data-ajax="false" to the link to the page, as described in the documentation.

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This bug appears even if I directly enter URL address to my browser navigation bar, without using links. – leavelllusion Sep 12 '12 at 13:51
You will need to give the id "question4" to the div with data-role="page" that you want to display with the URL. – Pablo Sep 12 '12 at 14:11

Can be a solution to your problems.You can catch the Hash section at page load and use it to automatically scroll to the section where you need to take your page to. I answered a similar question recently. See if it helps you jQuery Mobile Tabs and Anchors

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