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i'm currently working on a website that needs large calculations data. To make it viable I made a Celeryd task and sent a request with all data needed to make the numbers only times to times.

But for some reason my cache won't save.

def calculate_members(request, members, clients, website):
    Counts how many members are subscribed depending on lib_drv
    merged = pandas.merge(members, clients, left_on='member_id', right_on='client', how='inner')
    cache.set('%s-drv_stat' %, merged['lib_drv'].value_counts(), 10)
    cache.set('coucou', 'salut', 500)
    print cache.get('coucou')

Here, printing cache.get('coucou') will print 'None'

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Have you verified that memcached (or whatever cache you are running)s is running and that you have a python caching library installed? – James R Sep 12 '12 at 14:26

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I found the trouble, another contributor to the project had added some strange configuration that happens only on certain times and it was badly set. Everything back to normal.

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