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i have 3 cells with formula.




=IF(C6<7,"0", IF(C6<9,"1",IF(C6>=9,"2")))



my Cell D1 wants to sum up the 3 cells above.


but this always returns 0.

but when i do

=A1 + B1 + C1 

it returns me my results

why is this so?

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Your formulae are using text instead of numbers

eg =IF(B6>=3.3,"1","0") should perhaps be =IF(B6>=3.3,1,0)

=A1 + B1 + C1 forces Excel to convert any numeric text to numeric type

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You can encapsulate your calculated cells with VALUE() that needs to be summarized:


=VALUE( IF(B6>=3.3,"1","0") )


=VALUE( IF(C6<7,"0", IF(C6<9,"1",IF(C6>=9,"2"))) )


=VALUE( IF(D6>85,"1","0") )



This will force your formulae to output a number instead of text, and this can be summarized.

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