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I have an XML document which I'm pretty-printing using lxml.etree.tostring

print etree.tostring(doc, pretty_print=True)

The default level of indentation is 2 spaces, and I'd like to change this to 4 spaces. There isn't any argument for this in the tostring function; is there a way to do this easily with lxml?

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As said in this thread, there is no real way to change the indent of the lxml.etree.tostring pretty-print.

But, you can:

  • add a XSLT transform to change the indent
  • add whitespace to the tree, with something like in the cElementTree library


def indent(elem, level=0):
    i = "\n" + level*"  "
    if len(elem):
        if not elem.text or not elem.text.strip():
            elem.text = i + "  "
        if not elem.tail or not elem.tail.strip():
            elem.tail = i
        for elem in elem:
            indent(elem, level+1)
        if not elem.tail or not elem.tail.strip():
            elem.tail = i
        if level and (not elem.tail or not elem.tail.strip()):
            elem.tail = i
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