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There is primarily a design decision that i need to take. Nature of some binaries is fixed due to existing architecture, but others has to be determined based on what is the best approach. I have never worked with .NET/ managed code before and hence need help of deciding this.

The following is a situation:

  1. .NET Assembly: I need to write a binary that will load as a .NET assembly in to a service running as Network Service. The .NET assembly exposes interfaces that require elevated privileges and hence would need to internally make a call to an elevated component.

  2. Executable: I need to write an executable (yet to be decided .NET or native) that does some tasks that a normal user can do and others that require elevation. Even this executable needs to make calls to an elevated component to get some tasks done. This executable will run under the logged on user account.

  3. The Elevated Component: The elevated component should accept calls from .NET Assembly mentioned in 1 above and Executable mentioned in 2. above. Also, this is supposed to mostly run on RDS machines and should cater to calls made by executable running in the user session context created on the RDS machine.

Given this situation, I have the following design questions:

  1. What is the best choice for the nature of the Elevated Component? E.g service etc..
  2. What nature of code should the "Executable" be written in ? .NET / Native?
  3. How will the remote calling work in this situation from the .NET Assembly and the Executable to the Elevated component?
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I think this would be a better question for Programmers –  John Saunders Sep 12 '12 at 14:11
You can't make this work, services run in an isolated session. Nor do you need to make it work, they run with an account that doesn't require elevation. –  Hans Passant Sep 12 '12 at 14:25
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