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I'm building a Spring application and I need to inspect my H2 in-memory database while I'm running my JUnit tests from a web browser.

In my Spring configuration I have a bean which is responsible of creating my database schema and populating it with some data which will be used within my JUnit tests. I've also added a bean in my test context which creates a web server where I eventually will look for my data.

<bean id="" class=""
    factory-method="createWebServer" init-method="start" lazy-init="false">
    <constructor-arg value="-web,-webAllowOthers,-webPort,11111" />

Everything seems ok because the database is populated properly since I can access to its data from my JUnit tests and H2 Server only runs while I'm in my test-phase (I can know that, because if I try to access to my_ip:111111 before debugging my tests I cannot connnect but I can connect afterwards once I've started my tests).

Anyway If I open my H2 console from a web browser no schema is shown in it. Any ideas??

Many thanks!!

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What does your jdbcUrl in unit tests look like? – michael Sep 12 '12 at 15:25
Hi Michael, thank you for your answer. My jdbc URL looks like jdbc:h2:mem:my_DB;DB_CLOSE_DELAY=-1;MODE=Oracle I've also tried to add the IFEXIST property in the jdbc URL just in case that could help me. It couldn't :( – Ivan Fernandez Sep 13 '12 at 7:43
Hello @Ivan Fernandez can you let us know how you have solved this problem ? I am facing the same issue. You answer is much appreciated. Thanks !! – ROCKY Apr 26 '13 at 22:03

I guess the problem is that you are connecting to h2db directly from your application. Not through the server you are launching with bean. Because of this your app and h2db-web-interface can't share one in-memory database.

You should change jdbcUrl in tests to something like jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost/mem:my_DB;DB_CLOSE_DELAY=-1;MODE=Oracle and in browser you should connect to the same url.

With jdbc urls like jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost/... all connections will go through the h2db-server and you can view database state in browser.

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As this is probably going to be a test-debugging feature, you can temporarily add it runtime to your @Before with


/* [...] */

public void initTest(){
    Server webServer = Server.createWebServer("-web", "-webAllowOthers", "-webPort", "8082");

And then connect to http://localhost:8082/

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