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In my ubuntu lucid linux system,I have some java code in ~/dev/java/mycode/src folder.I have an ant buildfile in ~/dev/java/mycode folder ,which compiles the java files and make a jar and finally execute the jar.I do this in a terminal as follows

cd ~/dev/java/mycode
ant -f mybuildfile.xml

I wanted to create a desktop shortcut ,clicking on which the above events will occur in a terminal.So I created a 'mylaunchfile' in /home/me/dev/java folder and gave it chmod +x .The contents are as follows

ant -f /home/me/dev/java/mycode/mybuildfile.xml

When I open a terminal ,cd to /home/me/dev/java and run

>bash mylaunchfile

It executes ant properly and the java code is run.

Then ,I created a desktop launcher with command as

bash /home/me/dev/java/mylaunchfile

.Double Clicking on this shortcut doesn't bring up the terminal or run the bash command or do anything.

What do I need to get this clickable shortcut working?

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You need to update you database before you can launch the command

sudo updatedb

should do the trick.

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thanks for the reply..but that doesn't cause doubleclicking the icon execute the command – damon Sep 12 '12 at 15:23

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