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i am developing an online book store using php and mysql. now i want to implement some data mining techniques like recommending related books and so on.

i want to know what are the best resources to get some useful practical techniques to implement such things.

thx in advance.

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Here is an awesome book: Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications

The examples are in Python. Not hard to understand them, though.

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Often discrete mathematical "strongest path" finding algorithms are used. If you want a quick look at how the algorithms work, check out this PDF. It contains examples with websites you maybe familiar with, such as and it's recommended bands and popular pages among friends on Facebook.

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I'm not of enough reputation points to add a comment to Nick D's post, so let me just reassert that the Collective Intelligence book is exactly what you need.

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You might have heard of Netflix prize, a competition for recommendation systems.

Also, I personally don't recommend the book mentioned above. It only gives you some concept, if you want to build a system, the content there is far from what a decent system needs.

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you can take a look at the collection of tutorials on Mysql

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