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I want to create an obfuscated android application. I use ProGuard for that. I would like to automatically remove all the Log.* messages. How can I do that? I found this post but I still get them. (I use a decompiler to check the obfuscation).
The proguard-project.txt is the following:

-injars       libs/In.jar
-outjars      libs/Out.jar
#-libraryjars  <java.home>/lib/rt.jar
-libraryjars C:/Users/thomas/android-sdks/platforms/android-7/android.jar

-repackageclasses ''
-optimizations !code/simplification/arithmetic
-renamesourcefileattribute SourceFile
-keepattributes Exceptions,InnerClasses,Signature,Deprecated,

-keep public class * {
    public protected *;

-keepclassmembernames class * {
    java.lang.Class class$(java.lang.String);
    java.lang.Class class$(java.lang.String, boolean);

-keepclasseswithmembernames class * {
    native <methods>;

-keepclassmembers enum * {
    public static **[] values();
    public static ** valueOf(java.lang.String);

-keepclassmembers class * implements java.io.Serializable {
    static final long serialVersionUID;
    private static final java.io.ObjectStreamField[] serialPersistentFields;
    private void writeObject(java.io.ObjectOutputStream);
    private void readObject(java.io.ObjectInputStream);
    java.lang.Object writeReplace();
    java.lang.Object readResolve();
-assumenosideeffects class android.util.Log {
    public static *** d(...);
    public static *** e(...);

Any help would be appreciated.

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This only remove all debug Log.d(TAG, "..."); and error Log.e(TAG, "...") calls:

-assumenosideeffects class android.util.Log {
    public static *** d(...);
    public static *** e(...);

To remove all log calls, simply use this:

-assumenosideeffects class android.util.Log { *; }
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A late comment, but be careful not to use a wildcard to match all methods, since this includes the wait() method, etc. –  Eric Lafortune Jan 18 '14 at 1:14

The default android Proguard configuration disables optimisation. To enable it, in your project's project.properties file use proguard-android-optimize.txt instead of proguard-android.txt

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For anyone that can't seem to wrap their head around pro-guard, you have to make sure you do two things.

1: From @yorkw

-assumenosideeffects class android.util.Log { *; }

2: From @Gallal

In your project's project.properties file use:


instead of


This is because you have two proguard options "out of the box" since they are included in the sdk

android-adk > tools > proguard

Which contains two files:


Hope that helps someone else down the line.

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The project.properties file is that (now) called local.properties? –  Ivo Renkema Feb 9 at 11:40
I'm pretty sure everything is different now if you use android studio. Don't think it's even called proguard. Think its called "minify" which allows proguard to run. That said. THESE INSTRUCTION ARE ONLY FOR ECLIPSE. –  user2676468 Feb 9 at 19:08

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