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I have a script that works with localizable textual properties in resx-files. I am aware of the three of such property names: Text, HeaderText and ToolTipText. Are there any more of such property names?

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While it not extensive list here something I used in my automatic localizer

"textfield", "groupingtext", "format", "filteredlisttext", "expandedtext", "emptymessage", "datatextformatstring", "dataformatstring", "customfilterdateformat", "customerrormessage",
"collapsedtext", "expandedtext", "value", "tooltip", "text", "headertext", "name", "errormessage", "title", "alt", "headertooltip", "alternatetext", "entitytreetitle"

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Thank you. But I am interested only in WinForms not in ASP.NET and only in property names of controls from System.Windows.Forms. –  user835103 Sep 13 '12 at 19:15

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