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here's my stored procedure.

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[SearchIngredients] 
    @Term NVARCHAR(50) 

    SELECT  *
    FROM    dbo.FoodAbbrev
    WHERE   Name LIKE '%@Term%'
    ORDER BY Name


I kept getting no result back. I think its because I put the varaible in the single quote and probably DB thinks that is part of string, not a variable. tried a few other ways, still cannot fix it, please help me.

I also tried. still get nothing back.

    SET @Term = '''%' + @Term + '%'''

    SELECT  *
    FROM    dbo.FoodAbbrev
    WHERE   Name LIKE @Term
    ORDER BY Name
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set @Term = '%' + @Term + '%'

Your just adding 2 constant strings to a variable.

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thank you so much. that works. – qinking126 Sep 12 '12 at 14:48

Correct way is below:

set @FieldValue = '''' + @FieldValue + ''''
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