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Alright, so I'm using the Microsoft Test Framework for testing and I need to somehow build dependent tests. Why you might say? Because one of the tests ensures that I can load data from the database and the others need to operate against that set -- making the round trips is something we don't want to do to keep the automated nature of the tests efficient.

I have been searching and just can't seem to find a way to do a couple of things:

  1. Decorate the test methods so that they are seen as dependent.
  2. Persist the set between tests.

What have I tried?

Well, regarding the decoration for dependent tests, not much because I can't seem to find an attribute that's built for that.

Regarding the persistence of the set, I've tried a private class variable and adding to the Properties of the test context. Both of those have resulted in the loss of the set between tests.

I hope that you can help me out here!

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I think, what you need is an orderer test list. You can create this in you test project under 'New Item...'. The ordered test list is a list with tests in a specified order that are executed in the same context.

By the way: Unit tests should test only the smallest unit in an application, not a huge set of operations. Because if one unit is not working correctly you can find easy wich one.

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Create your test separately and then use the Ordered Test to run them in the order you want.

If any of the tests fails then the whole test is aborted and it considered failed:

enter image description here

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