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I'm getting my feet wet with Stored Procedures finally and need a little assistance with my first one.

I get the basic layout and have set up a SP that does nothing but set up two variables and select them, returning no information.

Right the history, I have two main record tables tblRecordsCurrent (RecordID) and tblRecordsHistorical (RecordID) as well as a parent table to both tblDataSet (DatasetID) that has a flag dsCurrent.

Each day I upload 5000 records to tblRecordsCurrent, using a new DataSetID. When I upload a new dataset, the previous day's dataset (5000 records) is moved to tblRecordsHistorical and the DSCurrent flag in the tblDataSet table is updated to False.

I will feed the StoredProcedure a DataSetID to move, and the destination ('C' or 'H' for Current/Historical). First I need to check that the DataSetID exists, then if there are any records in the relevant tblRecordsCurrent/Historical with the DataSetID.

1 - How do I find out if the DataSetID exists, which I presume would be a SELECT COUNT(*) from tblDataSet where DataSetID=@DataSet, but how is that implemented, do I just do:

@DataSetExistCount=SELECT COUNT(*) from tblDataSet where DataSetID=@DataSet
if @DataSetExistCount== then
     @errCount = @errCount + 1
   >>> MORE LOGIC <<<


This was a great kick-start to my Stored Procedure, which I have now posted under a separate Error Trapping based question if anyone is interested in complex nested logic in Stored Procedures:

Error Handling in SQL Server Stored Procedures

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You just check to see if it exists:

If Exists ( select 1 from tblDataSet where DataSetID = @dataSet )
   -- Do your move logic
    -- Doesn't exist so do something else
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That's great, thanks. I've got some info from other sources and will post my final code to demonstrate to any would be readers, what is possible. I won't accept the answer till then. –  aSystemOverload Sep 12 '12 at 16:02
As always with these patterns => this is not thread safe. –  Filip De Vos Sep 13 '12 at 9:39

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