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By default, ES is case-insensitive. There are examples ( eg case insensitive search in elasticsearch ) of how to define an analyzer for a specific field in ES.

I have a large number of data types with varying fields being loaded, and it's totally impractical for me to set the analyzer on fields by name.

I was previously using Solr, and accomplished a globally case-sensitive search by using dynamicFields for all of my data, and editing schema.xml to modify the "text" fieldtype to remove the LowerCaseFilterFactory from the analyzer.

How can I do something similar in ES?

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Have a look at the elasticsearch documentation for the Analysis index module. There's a Default analyzers section which says:

The default logical name allows one to configure an analyzer that will be used both for indexing and for searching APIs. The default_index logical name can be used to configure a default analyzer that will be used just when indexing, and the default_search can be used to configure a default analyzer that will be used just when searching.

I guess that is what you're looking for. Probably good to know that the default analyzer in elasticsearch is the StandardAnalyzer.

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