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When running Sonar 3.2 I get the following error message displayed when I try to list the projects analyzed in a web browzer.

An error occurred while trying to display the widget "Filter". Please contact the administrator.

when looking at sonars logs I see this message:

rails Can not render widget filter: org.sonar.api.utils.SonarException: Fail to execute filter: Filter[rootSnapshotId=,baseSnapshotId=,baseSnapshotPath=,scopes=,qualifiers=[TRK],languages=,favouriteIds=,dateCriterion=,keyRegexp=,nameRegexp=,onDirectChildren=false,measureCriteria=[],periodIndex=0,sortedMetricId=,sortedByMeasureVariation=false,sortedByLanguage=false,sortedByName=true,sortedByKey=false,sortedByDate=false,sortedByVersion=false,isNumericMetric=true,ascendingSort=true], sql=SELECT, MAX(s.project_id) as pid, MAX(s.root_project_id) as rpid, MAX(p.long_name) as name FROM snapshots s INNER JOIN projects p ON WHERE s.status=:status AND s.islast=:islast AND s.qualifier IN (:qualifiers) AND p.copy_resource_id IS NULL GROUP BY

I am using SQL Server 2008 in the backend. The query doesn't look right for SQL. What could be wrong? When analyzing the project using Maven, I get no issues. It gives me a build success.

I am using Apache Maven 3.0.2 and Sonar 3.2 on window. any clues about what is going on?

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Are you using the sqljdbc drivers to connect to SQL Server? I solved this issue by using the jTDS driver as detailed in this answer.

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