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Absolute beginner here. I want to load data into models as soon as the page loads. Before anything else is executed. At the moment I have this code.

// Model code
var Portfolio = Spine.Model.sub({});

  populate: function(values){
    for(var i in values[0]){
     // add attributes to Model
    for(var j = 0; j < values.length; j++ ){
      var tmpInst =  this.create(values[j]);;

// app controller code
   var App =Spine.Controller.sub({
    init: function(){
      ).complete(function(result) { 
          // do other stuff
    var app = new App();

So when the page has finished loading the controller init function is called, which retrieves the json data and passes it to the Model which parses it and creates the individual instances.

Am I doing this wrong? I have seen Fetch function in the documentation but with no example of how it works.

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You might want to use Spine's framework to do this:

  1. Instead of firing your own jQuery.getJSON(), include Spine.Ajax in your Model.
  2. Set the to your server
  3. Add url attribute/method to your Portfolio object to something like 'xml/data.json'
  4. Call Portfolio.fetch()
  5. Override Portfolio.fetch() function to extract just the node of array data or whatever initialization you had in mind just like the configure. If I am not mistaken, fetch() will load the objects and set all the attributes provided in the JSON even if they are not configured in Model @configure call
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Thanks Alon....I moved over to backbone in the end. I got fed up with all the code examples being written in coffee script. – Paul Thompson Nov 29 '12 at 17:37

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