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I've recently updated to Mongodb 2.2.0 and found that the following query now no longer works.

The database is empty and I run the following:

db.Sessions.update({_id:"test",sessions:{$not:{$elemMatch:{type:"Web"}}}},{$push:{sessions:{type:"Web",dateAdded:new Date}}},true)

returns the error:

Cannot apply $push/$pushAll modifier to non-array

Prior to the update the following document would have been created:

{ "_id" : "test", "sessions" : [ { "type" : "Web", "dateAdded" : ISODate("2012-09-12T15:11:11.942Z") } ] }

Any ideas?

Edit: I forgot to mention, it's the addition of the $not that breaks in this version as the following works fine, so it's not a issue that the array/field doesn't exist.

db.Sessions.update({_id:"test"},{$push:{sessions:{type:"Web",dateAdded:new Date}}},true)
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The behavior of $elemMatch has changed slightly in 2.2, which is why this no longer works in combination with $not, which is only a meta-operator for negating other operators and can not actually be used to search fields.

Instead, you can use $nin (not in) to inspect the values inside your sessions array.

For example,

> db.Sessions.update( { _id:"test", sessions: { "$nin": {type: "Web"} } }, {"$push":{sessions:{type:"Web",dateAdded:new Date}}},true);
> db.Sessions.findOne();
    "_id" : "test",
    "sessions" : [
            "type" : "Web",
            "dateAdded" : ISODate("2012-09-12T16:03:18.271Z")
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Perfect, thank you. –  DwayneBull Sep 13 '12 at 7:47
This doesn't work. When calling the update again, it will end up pushing that object again because the $nin doesn't actually do anything. $nin is not for inspecting values inside an array. –  James Hartig Jan 15 '13 at 1:21

I filed a bug "a query field with a $not operator should not be used to populate an upsert document" which will be backported into 2.2.x that fixes this situation.

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Verified accepted answer does not work, example from bug write up does: db.test.update({_id: 1, r: {$not: {$elemMatch: {"a": 1}}}}, {$push: ... –  user531694 Jun 23 '14 at 23:40

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