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I have webapp deployed on tomcat_5.0.28, Linux.

my app is multi users and profiles (user can be admin or just simple user).

In my web.xml I have these lines


How to set the value of the param configFileName at user login according to his profile

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I mean if user's profile is admin then /WEB-INF/my-app-config-adm.xml if simple user /WEB-INF/my-app-config-usr.xml –  Ould Abba Sep 12 '12 at 15:19
Are you getting the parameter value from within a servlet? If so why not determine the file name based on the logged in user by getting the user principal? This post may help.… –  km1 Sep 13 '12 at 2:34
I used request.getRemoteUser() to get username after user login, but one I change the param-value it changes for all users (not only active one). –  Ould Abba Sep 13 '12 at 9:45
Don't change the param value. Maybe set the param value to a template like /WEB-INF/my-app-config-{username}.xml. The after getting the remoteuser replace {username} with it. Now you have the path to the user's config file. –  km1 Sep 13 '12 at 14:30

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If you can use the param value as a template


Then you jsp can be something like this

 String userName = request.getRemoteUser()
 String temp = context.getInitParameter("configFileName");
 String fileName = temp.replace("{username}", userName);
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