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I have simple task: fade screen (+ other actions, but it doesnt matter now) when something happens (say, button pressed). My minSDKVersion is 11. I do it in this way: activity layout contains a view:

    android:background="@android:color/black" />

and method where I fade screen is as follows:

protected void fadeBGView(boolean fadeIn)
    ObjectAnimator animator = ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(bgFadingView, "alpha", fadeIn ? 0.75f : 0f); //bgFadingView is initialized via findViewById(;

in other words, I have black view, which occupies the whole screen and when I need to fadeIn, I change view's alpha from 0 to 0.75.

The problem is that it works with bad framerate... I see fading animation frame by frame - it works at about 15fps. What am I doing wrong? Android system fading works much more smoothly - I want to archieve the same result or close. How to?

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You can enable hardware acceleration if you're truly going to ever target API 11+. The system animations use it. That will most likely fix the issue. – DeeV Sep 12 '12 at 18:49
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All I had to do was:


default frame delay was too long, so my animations didnt work smoothly. The problem was not due to device performance limitations.

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