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When I submit a form by jQuery, like this: jQuery('#myForm').submit();
I don't want send some information in a specified div inside that form (I mean all input fields, select elements, textarea elements, etc are not allowed to sent to server), but I don't know to to prevent that div from submitting along with the owner form.
Could you please help me on this? Thank you so much.

Thank you all for your quickly replies. I tried to set "disabled" attribute to all input fields in that div to false, but when I checked it again on server, some other fields (such as select, textarea) were still submitted. I think I should disable them too. Is there any way to remove or "hidden/disable" the whole div without disabling each kind of input elements?

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something like this should do it:

$('div#excludeMyInputs input').prop("disabled",true);
$('div#excludeMyInputs input').prop("disabled",false);
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I'd say you're probably going about it incorrectly if you have a form with inputs and you don't want to send the values of those inputs somewhere.

However, you could just put those form elements outside of your #myForm form element (for example, in a second form called #myForm2) and then these inputs would be ignored by the jQuery('#myForm').submit(); but they would still be presented on the page.

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This previous post may assist you. It looks like your best option will be to either disable or remove the form elements in the div before calling .submit()

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you could use the $.ajax function to choose what data to send:

$(document).on('submit','#myForm',function(e) {
      // etc etc
    success:function(data) {
    error:function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {
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