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I'm somewhat confused by membership providers for .NET. I have built a MVC 3 web application, but obviously login pages don't work out-of-the-box because I need to wire up a membership provider. I would have expected this process to be easy, but when I search for help I find numerous articles on writing custom providers. Can't I just set up a table or two, wire up a few details in web.config and have things work based on some default MVC membership provider?

I have no desire to re-invent the wheel!


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The MSDN membership installation documentation is still applicable through to .NET 4, although note that the default Membership provider changes in 4.5 - totally different table structures.


  • Create the aspnet membership database OR add the tables to your existing database (aspnet_regsql.exe, which is in the .net 2 framework folder)

  • Add the necessary membership and role provider configuration sections to your web.config.

  • Use the site admin tool to add users (or at least an initial Admin User)

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